Goal Setting For Kids

March 5, 2012


Here’s a story about something that happened last weekend that made me think of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and about teaching kids to have clear goals and visualize what they want…

Last weekend was the ‘Club Championships’ at our ski club, which is the final race of the season. And although both my kids are good skiers now, and I am very proud of them, neither of them came in the top 3 to get a medal. But my daughter, who is 7, was so entranced by the ceremony, that she climbed up on stage and stood with the medal winners. Here is a photo of her in her bright pink snowsuit, on stage, putting herself up there with the winners. I love that she climbed up there like that because a very important part of success is visualizing how it feels, and sometimes, actually putting yourself in that position.

I have been reading Think and Grow Rich for the second time, but this time, I have been having fun sharing some of the content with my kids. I don’t know if that subconsciously influenced her getting up on stage, but in any case, I think giving kids an early introduction to the laws of success and clear goal setting are great ways to get them thinking about what they want and how they will do it.

Kids should know the impact mindset and decisiveness have on getting want they want. I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted when I was younger and I wish someone had given me some coaching in that area much earlier!

In sharing some of the  stories in Think And Grow Rich, my son especially liked the part about how Steven Spielberg got his start in directing movies, by sneaking into Universal Studios every day for 3 months and slowly got to know the people who influenced his success. Spielberg was even so sure of himself that he moved himself into one of the empty offices and put his name in the directory. He really put himself in the position!

Having a clear picture in your mind of what you want, and working towards it with a burning desire, is something that all 500 of the successful people Napoleon Hill studied had in common. So doesn’t it make sense to teach our kids this skill that is obviously so vitally important to any success?

To a clear and defined vision, and to passing it on to our kids!






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