The Slight Edge Philosophy: Small Things Matter

September 17, 2011


When you own a home based business, you have two choices. You can succeed or you can quit.

In order to succeed, you need to talk to people every day, and you need to MASTER getting people to evaluate what you have. But in order to do it well, you have to sincerely feel that you don’t care if they do it or not. Just get good at asking people to look…every day. And that can be on online presetation (my preference) or a live meeting. They both work.

Everyone makes choices every day, all day long. Things like whether to get up or sleep in, go for a run or watch tv, do the dishes or wait until later, make that phone call or re-organize your desk… Depending on the small and seemingly insignificant choices you make on a daily basis will determine how LUCKY you are. But luck has nothing to do with success. Daily choices do. Generally 5% of people are willing to make the small decisions that ultimately lead to success.

The ironic thing is that the daily disciplines you need to do are easy… but it’s just as easy not to do them.  The road to success lies in disciplining yourself to simple actions consistently. Whether you are able to do that or not will depend on your Philosophy. Your PHILOSOPHY dictates your ACTIONS which dictate your RESULTS which dictate your LIFESTYLE. Small little daily disciplines make us or break us over time.

The Slight Edge Philosophy applies to everything in life: business, relationships, health, finances, and personal development. The small decisions to take simple actions in each of these areas will determine your success level in those areas. Jeff Olson talks about the small things you do on a daily basis that can make all the difference between success and failure in his book The Slight Edge.

Just like weight loss or anything else in life, little bits everyday over time make the difference. The law of nature says “Do the thing and you will have power”. The question is…. “Are you willing to do it?”

When you think of people who you consider successful, think about some words that describe them. For me, when I think of people like Timothy Ferriss, Tony Robbins, or Oprah Winfrey I think of traits like inspiring, focused, disciplined, open-minded, motivated, and well spoken. All of these characteristics have to do with personality or things that can be learned. Rarely will you find a successful person you admire because of their product knowledge or what company they are associated with. Success starts and grows within you. It takes time to cultivate and it all starts with the small things.

The bottom line with the Slight Edge philosophy is to do something every day to become better.

So if you are READY to take control of your life and really get serious about succeeding in home business or life, consider these 4 things…

1. “Would YOU follow yourself in business?”

2. We can not inspire people to be more than which we are.

3. Focus on daily disciplines.

4. Create a personal development plan and stick to it every day.

You can be successful in anything you do it you DECIDE to do it, and stick to the slight edge philosophy. Take small actions every day and you will be in the 5% who make it.

To Your Empowered Success,

Rebecca Ness
705-293-2332 EST


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