The Power of Commitment

March 6, 2012

Personal Development

The power of commitment is an amazing thing.

Commitment to anything is hard… whether it’s marriage, a school for your kids, or choosing the best home based business. The reason it’s hard (at least this is why it was hard for me), is because we want to be SURE before we commit that we are making the right choice. And in our uncertainty of whether or not a given business, is the right one, we look at other things to compare and be sure.

There are no guarantees in life or in business and if you want one network marketing tip that could help you get in gear and finally start seeing results …it is to stop looking at every opportunity in search of THE perfect one, because they all have pros and cons, and to commit to the one that feels right in this moment.

If you have a list of companies right now you are trying to decide between, go with the one that feels right in your gut. If you listen to your instincts, they will guide you correctly. Choose a company that you can talk about easily and that you are excited about. Also, if you choose a company whose products you are going to use anyway, whether you do the business or not, then you will be able to stick to it.

Once you commit to your business, you will start to attract people like crazy …that is what happened to me. And I started to attract people who were LIKE me… mostly moms looking for a home based business, and who were into the same things and me, and around the same age. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Once I made a decision, the universe listened. It’s kind of eerie to know that we all have this power inside us to create anything we want and attract like-minded people just by making a decision.

People don’t want to join someone who is going to change their mind a few months down the road. So commit to the business that feels right to you, and let people know.

Life is so much easier when you know what you want!


PS On that note, if you are ready to commit and want to see what I am doing, simply click here and have a gander:)


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