The Inspiring Work From Home Mom Story of Laura Parrish Who Changed Her Life By Blogging

March 21, 2013

Empower Network

This is the story of Laura Parrish, who is a work from home mom like me, who had no experience with the internet, and no list, but decided 10 months ago to commit and focus on the Empower Network, and just had her first (friggin’) 5 figure week! What she has accomplished with her commitment is incredible and inspiring …especially if you’re a stay at home mom looking for a way to make an income from home. She used the Empower Network but what she did can be applied to any business.

In the last few months, Laura Parrish made a commitment and didn’t waver, which is what is needed to be successful in any business. She is now #1 in the most current EN affiliate contest, where the winner will receive $30,000 cash in hand on stage at the event next month!

How she did it: Laura she saw the vision what is possible with the empower network, and went for it.

If you area trying to build an online business on ANY kind, I suggest following Laura’s example, and making a full, 100% mental and financial commitment to your business and to not letting anything stop you.

As for the Empower Network… many people use it simply a tool. With it, you can build a blog for your business that is the search engines will love and attract targeted traffic, without knowing any technical stuff. And for only $25/month …it works.

But for others, the Empower Network is the opportunity they have been looking for. The 100% commission structure and the internet education you get inside it, can change your life …if you are ready and WANT it.

The people who do well in the Empower Network are the ones like Laura Parrish, who see the vision and make a commitment to be the leader they were meant to be.

From my experience and from what I have witnessed, it usually takes 10 months to have ‘life-changing’ results with the Empower Network. I know 3 people personally that have changed their life in 10 months with it. They all used blogging as their main strategy and started getting results after about 90 days of consistant action. Then after 6 months, they all made it to events and their business really took off. At month 10, they were fully free financially and had a renewed sense of self worth from that they had achieved.

For most people 10 months is too long to make the effort. And that’s a shame because it really isn’t that long. Think about what you have done in the last 10 months and how fast it went by…

When I saw the same 3 times, all from stay at home moms like me, I knew it worked and that’s why I got in.

If you are ready to ‘take on’ the Empower Network, for the next 10 months, and not quit, I know you have what it takes to change your life.

After looking at so many opportunities on the internet, I realized that the Empower Network is the best thing going for a long term sustainable income, and that is why I jumped in whole-heartedly in December.

Since December, I have been doing mostly free strategies, but am building a blog I love and am actually getting sign ups without making phone calls or bugging my friends. It’s been just over 90 days and I am starting to see real results. It is SO refreshing after doing years of MLM where I felt I was constantly ‘on the hunt’ for customers.

If you are not sure what the Empower Network is and want to find out, go to their main website HERE and click on the products link to see exactly what they offer.

If you have been on the fence about it, just get in. You know you want to or you wouldn’t keep coming back to it.

And if you want to join a team who will help you stand out from everyone else and build an online business that reflects your unique personality, then JOIN our team here.

Success starts with a decision and is brought to life with consistant action.

You are no different than Laura Parrish. And I am here to remind you of that every day and to inspire you to be your absolute best. You can do what she did by making a decision and change your life by working 1-2 hours per day on your computer. Blogging success comes down to creating good content and knowing how to market it.

So whether you choose to blog via the Empower Network or build your own blog, know that blogging is a viable way to create an incredible lifestyle about something you love. What’s important is you choose the method that right for you, because everyone will thrive in different environments:)


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