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April 24, 2012

Mom Motivation

So the night before we were flying to the Dominican Republic, I lay in the hotel with my kids, trying to get them to relax and go to sleep, since we had to get up at 3:30am the next day… To get them to settle down, I thought I’d try pulling an ‘Eckhart Tolle’ on them, and get them back into the present moment so they would stop squirming around in anticipation of the next day.

We all lay with our eyes closed, and asked them to think about a time when they felt really happy. (My intention was to bring that happy feeling into the ‘now’ and to pull their thoughts away from the excitement of the next day)

My daughter’s hand shot up and she yelled “I know! I know!” as if she was in school.

I said “Of course… go ahead” And she replied “Right now.”

Then my son piped in “Me too!”

So my kids were a step ahead of me on that one… they were already in the present and deep into enjoying the ‘night before’ excitement. Kids are so smart.

Anyway, over the next week, I got to live in the moment every day with my kids, on the beach, in the restaurants, at the pool, and during shows. I didn’t worry about what I had to do the next day or what I would have to do when I got home …and it was wonderful.

One afternoon in specific, as I was laying on a lawn chair in the shade, sipping out of a fresh coconut, listening to my kids build an elaborate restaurant in the sand behind me, I was thinking about nothing about how happy I felt at that moment. There was nowhere else I wanted to be and nothing else I wanted to be doing.

And I realized that because our world has changed so much, it is 100% possible to create a life for yourself, where you can absolutely have total time freedom. Just look at Timothy Ferriss, author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” or David Wood, the crazy mlm guy who lives in Costa Rica without a phone, or even the highly successful,yet mostly still unknown Susan Sohn from “The Family Room” who has created an amazing life for herself through blogging about family issues…

Because of the internet, we have the ability to create whatever we want in this life, and all it takes is a little marketing education. I even better, our children have a ton of opportunity at their fingertips, and as the internet changes, I am sure we have no idea what their lives will look like, but that they WILL be able to do incredible things if we educate them with the ‘how to’s’ they will need in the real world of the future.

So here’s a little cheers to the internet, and to creating more moments of pure and utter happiness with our kids, and to financial and time freedom for more and more families!


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