Deliberate Creation

February 28, 2012

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The best personal development plan is deliberate creation. If we want to change anything in our life, we need to change ourselves first. And that means changing our subconscious blueprint …deliberately. Remember, real success is much more than just money… and starts with personal development.

In order to manifest what you desire in your life or business, you need to become a ‘deliberate creator’, which starts with focusing on your present situtaion. Our subconscious thoughts make up 90% of our brain. Everything starts with our thoughts so if you want to change something, start with your thoughts.

The thoughts you focus on cause feelings which raise our vibration and create results. So it’s important to align your thoughts and feelings BEFORE you take action. Inspired actions create results.

It’s amazing how much our life is a result of our subconscious mind, so it’s really important to start filling your head with positive thoughts. By reading personal growth and development books, magazines like Success Magazine, or online coaching calls like you find with Network Marketing VT and other online personal development programs, you can start to change your blueprint.

The movie The Secret gave us the concept of deliberate creation and manifesting what we desire through thinking positive thoughts but it’s really necessary to be more proactive than that. We need to deliberately and consciously put positive thoughts in our head in order to truly manifest change.

Enjoy Your Deliberate Creation,





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