Conscious Awareness of What….?

February 29, 2012

Personal Development

There are 4 steps to reaching the excellence stage and to full conscious awareness in any home based business. And a LOT of it has to do with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of what you do and how your life is, so it’s really important to make sure you feed it positive input every day. Your brain operates without you even knowing it… but if you understand how to focus on your thoughts, feeling, and vibrations, then you can actually make changes in your life very quickly. ¬†When you align your thoughts and get focused on what you want, your subconscious will work for you.

Here is a quick outline so you can see where you are and how far you have to go to reach real success in whatever you are doing…

1. Unconscious Confidence (like a child)

This is where you have jumped in to something and you really just go on trust. You don’t know how it works but you go with it. In the beginning unconscious competence can work for you and as they say “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice”. But you can only run on ‘ignorance’ for so long before you have to move to the next stage.

2. Conscious Incompetence

This is where you now know what you need to do, and it seems overwhelming. You are aware of the challenges and they tend to hold most people back. In any business, there will be things to learn, skills to master, and challenges to face. In step 2, you are painfully aware of these things and if you are serious about changing your life, you will face these challenges head on.

3. Conscious Competence

Here is where you start to get results. You have figured out the ‘how’ and are in action and learning. You are still developing your belief at this point but you are getting more comfortable with your business.

4. Excellence or Mastery

Once you have reached the excellence stage, results are automatic. You know what you know, have the skills you need, and are able to create results quickly. This stage can take years to reach but once you are here, you will have reached real success… both financially and on a personal level.

The problem is that 95% of internet marketers fail… just like in the offline world. Two of the main reasons for that is that they feel OVERWHELMED by everything they need to learn, and they are trying to do it all by themselves.

In order to reach the highest level of success in any company, it is absolutely essential, not only to have a positive mindset and to feed your subconscious daily, but to align yourself with people who have a strong belief in a bigger vision like you.

Let me ask you… Who do you listen to, associate with and focus on? And who is creating or confirming your belief system? Who are you being mentored by?

If you don’t have a strong mastermind group around you, you can always use books. Read personal growth and development books every day, and you will be able to start to change your subconscious mind. A very good one to start with on the subconscious mind is “The Power of the Subconscoious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. After all, it ALL begins with your subconscious mind. Books create neural pathways, so as you search for the right mastermind group to associate with, use books to better yourself and fill your subconscious mind with good stuff.

And if you stay open to change and really focus on working harder on yourself than anything else, you will see and feel the changes in your life quicker than you realize.


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