Can’t or Don’t Want To? How to Be More Happy and Achieve Your Goals

October 12, 2011


When you allow yourself to see new possibilities, worlds open up. Change the way you think and enjoy more joy and more happiness in your life.

We humans are held by our own negative affirmations in a very limited area of our minds. Most people’s reality in terms of achieving their dreams if that they ‘can’t’ for some reason or another… no money, no time, too scared.

Saying things like ‘I can’t’…, ‘I don’t have’…, and ‘I don’t like…’ leads to strengthening your own misery in whatever situation you are not happy with.

You have to CHOOSE to change they way you word things, and change your attitude in order to get over the slump you are in and get past your limiting beliefs.

For example, a while back, my husband and I were not getting along, and I wanted more than anything to leave him. But even though I said I wanted out… my words were “I can’t afford to right now” or “I haven’t found the right place” so it didn’t happen.

Then someone asked me “If you suddenly won the lottery or were given a beautiful home, would you actually leave?”

After really thinking about it, the only answer I could come up with was no. Nobody wants to break up their own family and get a divorce. If I had the things that were stopping me from leaving (money, a nice place), I wouldn’t go because there actually was something left of the relationship. The same spark that was there in the beginning…just hidden under years of kids and life. The bottom line was that if I had really wanted to leave, I would have found a way to make it happen.

Stop telling yourself you can’t do things because you really can. You can do ANYTHING if you want to.

Can’t and don’t want to are used in the same way when it comes to starting and building a business. People say “I don’t have money, I don’t have time, I can’t this or that… but the fact of the matter is that if they WANTED to they would. Using words like can’t is just an excuse. And if you are uing excuses, and if you dig deep within yourself, you may discover that you actually don’t WANT to.

When you shift your reason for not maifesting results from a ‘cant’ to a ‘don’t want to’… you free yourself of that excuse. By taking responsibility for you situation, you can really see which areas you are truly serious about changing and which areas are just dreams.

It comes down to 2 questions, and answering them honestly:

1. What are you willing to do?
2. What are you wiling to give up?
(time,money,learn skills,mindset,change habits)

If you are going to succeed, there is no magic wand. You HAVE to get uncomfortable. You have to make big changes to the way you think, see the world, and live. Do you want to do that?

If you really WANT to build an online business but have been struggling with time or money issues, it’s time to really separate the ‘cants’ from the ‘want nots’ and clarify what has been holding you back in order to get real and move forward once and for all.

To making positive changes in your life,

Rebecca Ness
705-293-2332 EST

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