Are You Sick of Home Biz Opps That Promise The World And Don’t Deliver?

OK… I’ve had it.

Yet another business lauch that everyone is jumping on is at large…again. All the gurus are on the bandwagon, pulling in all sorts of innocent bistanders… and yes, people will make a ton of money with it…but mostly the big wigs in all honesty.

If you get sucked in and join a hyped up program and super-fantastic team who is ‘going to help you’ grow your business… you are in for a rude awakening about 10 minutes after you make your payment. Because even though people SAY they will help you, they will not build your business for you, and your success depends on YOU and your motivation for real success, not on how hyped up the newest company launch is.

Even if you join a rocking team where hundreds of people are dropped into your power leg, you will NOT make money unless YOU perform. Period.

And in the meantime, if you are not 100% committed to your company and your product, you’ll be wasting $150/month on stuff you wouldn’t not have purchased if there had not been an opportunity involved.

If you want to do well in a home based business you absolutely need to believe in whatever you are selling, regardless of whether there’s a business opportunity involved. If you are sharing a product you would purchase ANYWAY, and that you intend to use for the next 5 years even if the business falls apart… then people will sense your bigger purpose and be more inclined to try what you offer as a customer. And if it really is as good as you say, and they find themselves naturally recommending it, they may join your business too.

In most cases, products that simply redirect money that would be spent anyway create a more solid customer base. For example, people are going to buy certain things… so if you can offer them a higher quality product for the same or less cost to them for something they intend to anyway… why would they no purchase from you?

After years of ‘figuring this out’ the hard way (joining gurus with big promises and the newest, hottest company on the block), I finally came to my senses and partnered up with a company that simply makes sense. And if you want to find real success in any home based business, here is a list of things to when you want to know how to choose the best network marketing company for YOU:

  • make sure your product is something people buy anyway and even better, is offered at a cheaper price than what you can get at the store!
  • the monthly cost should be something everyone can afford that as a business expense
  • you need a business that is duplicatible and simple for everyone regardless of education and skill level
  • do something that is fun…people are attracted to fun stuff
  • make sure it can be marketed easily online or offline and is super easy to talk about
  • choose a company or product that offer value to people who choose to be your customer
  • make sure your compensation pan pays well, after all, this is a business not something you do as a hobby.
  • finally, know that if you find a company with a low monthly cost, people will rarely drop out…and that is one of the biggest frustrations most network marketers face. This is bigger than you realize. There is nothing worse than having people drop out of your business as fast (or faster) than you put them in. Low monthly autoship is slow growing but solid.

So before you jump into the next big thing, or something that is all hyped up on slick marketing and being promoted by experts, make sure you do your research and find a company that suits your personality and is profitable. Pursue your real passion, and make sure your home business compliments your true passion and long term goals.

I have partnered with a company that meets ALL the above criteria and I want to help 4 people make $1000 in the next 30 days. I am commited to help you do that. Absolutely commited. Call me now at 705-293-2332 EST and let’s be friends and have some fun:)

skype: onlinebec

PS The business I am talking about is simple, fun, affordable, profitable, and in my opinion is the best network marketing company out there.


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